What if someone could tell you what you were going to do today at exactly 3 PM? What if they could tell you what you would do tomorrow, or the next day, or five years from now?

Would you believe them?

Very few of us believe that there is a pattern to what we do, even if it’s just in the mundane tasks that we have to do day-in, day-out. Instead, we believe that the universe operates at random and the events that we experience in life are beyond our personal control.

Faced with the breakup of a cherished relationship, the loss of a job, bankruptcy, a forced move to another city or country, the effects of a bad business decision, or the death of a loved one – it’s normal for us to wonder why.

But if we look closer, it doesn’t take long to notice that the numbers behind our every yesterday, today, or tomorrow align in remarkably predictable ways. Whether you believe it or not …

Our entire existence can be broken down into numbers

numbersEach and every passing moment is written into an eternal record, where precious seconds, minutes, hours, dates, months, and years weave into a pattern that holds every secret in the universe.

Numerology is the ancient science of decoding this pattern; it is a longstanding, time-tested method of assigning order to the seemingly random events that dictate our lives. If you’ve ever been left wondering why your life took an unexpected turn – for better or for worse – the answer lies locked in a unique array of digits capable of explicating both your past and your future.

To the trained eye, each and every one of our lives is a mere expression of…

One of the oldest subjects on earth.

The earliest evidence of counting dates back 35,000 years ago, to a baboon bone marked with grouped notches. The bone is evidence that our prehistoric counterparts were indeed quantifying the world around them.

But other experts in the field believe that this ability is even older, suggesting that counting is the very essence of being human. It’s no surprise then that in the modern era, numerical patterns can be found in everything from our cell phone numbers to our music.

And the more we investigate, the clearer it becomes that …

When it comes to numbers, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

We don’t have to look far to see evidence of numbers at work.

If you’ve ever seen the intricacies of a fern leaf or stood in awe of a mountain’s majestic peak, what you’re really admiring is the mathematical regularity of the natural world. From the winding depths of the Grand Canyon to clouds that seem to form geometric shapes in the sky, what might seem irregular in our world is most often regular against all odds.

Indeed, numerical patterns are behind most of the formations we see in the natural world: the branches of a bunch of broccoli, the pompous plumage of a peacock, a hexagonal array of honeycomb, a pair of functioning human lungs, the perfect fractions of the pieces of citrus fruit, the spiraling shell of a snail, the uniformity of a zebra’s stripes – there is no end to the mathematical nature of our universe.

It’s a stunning display, but it really makes one wonder…

If everything in nature is ordered, then why not our own lives?

As the only living organisms on the planet capable of higher-order functions, we tend to think our complex existence is above mere patterns or numerical regularities.

But in reality, we share much more than we realize with the elegantly coded natural world. Numerology is an ancient art that proves that we too are products of a universe that is not chaotic but ordered in the extreme.

All it takes is a trained eye to identify…

The complex patterns that underlie our very existence.

We needn’t look further than our own personal histories, our community records, or our history books to see evidence that numbers play a significant role in our lives. When we look past the surface and start analyzing the numbers behind the events that define us both as a collective people and as individuals, the patterns are striking.

As individuals…

handDo you notice that certain events seem to happen to you on a particular date or month of the year? Have you ever picked up on a small coincidence that seems to happen again and again once you notice it – like looking at the clock at the same time every day or always getting a lucky parking spot? Do you feel as though you are stuck in a pattern of relationships with people that aren’t good for you?

The truth is that when you start to pay attention to the numbers behind both the major and the minor events in your life, there is remarkable consistency in what happens to you and when. All you have to do is give yourself the power to change your outcomes by looking for the pattern.

As citizens of our shared planet…

earthWe are all connected to a collective experience here on earth. We hear often that, “History repeats itself,” but is there a pattern behind what we experience as a planet?

Together, we have seen the birth of nations and movements, we have experienced the devastation of natural disasters and wars, and we’ve seen great leaders come and go.

All it takes is a deeper look at the circumstances surrounding these important events and the numbers that define them to realize that there is indeed a method to what some might call madness.

But recognizing that method takes something rare…

A Master Numerologist who can look beyond the obvious to put two and two together.

Only a gifted seer can truly identify the nuances in the numbers that affect our lives. It is a practice that requires lifelong dedication, extensive training, and most importantly, superior intuition. Only those who have been given this unique ‘sixth sense’ have the capacity to help others with their gift.

Anyone can make generalized predictions that might never be proven untrue, but it takes a Master to be able to help you see the numbers woven into your lifeline – including your past, present, and future. Only then will you realize…

The infinite possibilities that numbers hold.

Numerology is a way of knowing about oneself. It can help you decode the deepest mysteries of your past. But it also has the potential to help you change your own future by giving you the lens to see:

  • Your own shortcomings and what you can do to reverse them,
  • The amazing talents and personal strengths that only you possess and how to capitalize on them,
  • The emotional patterns that keep you feeling stuck and stop you from moving forward,
  • How to address and overcome the most difficult obstacles that life can throw at you,
  • The people in your life that are most likely to help on your personal journey, and
  • How to know when you are likely to succeed and what to do to avoid failure. But if you’re a skeptic like the rest of us, you might still be wondering…

How can these benefits possibly apply to me?

A Numerology Report can help absolutely anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what stage of life you’re at. Perhaps you’re a single mother trying to find out what is best for her child, a college graduate looking for career guidance, or a recent divorcee seeking the self-confidence you need to start dating again after being hurt.

Maybe you’re a struggling entrepreneur trying to make your business work, an artist feeling drained of inspiration or a father of four who has just been laid off.

You might be going through a major period of change in your life or merely seeking to learn more about YOU – and a Numerology Report is your ticket to untangling important truths from a sea of other information.

But even if you feel ready to get on board, there is still one thing you need to seriously consider…

Before numerology can change your life, you have to change your mind.

I expect you to have your doubts about how numerology can help you. In fact, I myself was once a skeptic. But let me ask you one thing: What if you came across a master capable of telling you secrets about yourself that only you could possibly know? When I heard what B.K. Pareek had to say about me and my life, I was compelled to listen.

It didn’t matter what I had heard about numerology. I knew that if this gifted person could tell me things that I hadn’t shared with anyone, I simply had to believe in what he was saying. That was when I realized that before I met him, I could have used any excuse to stop myself from owning up to my own potential. I used to think that…

Numerology is a pseudoscience – predictions can’t possibly be true.

Numerology isn’t a traditional science in the way that mathematics or biology is, but it is a way of understanding our world. Pareek calls it “the science of tendencies.” The correctness of predictions depends entirely on the experience and intuitive capacity of the practitioner. With nearly 40 years of experience under his belt, Master Numerologist B.K. Pareek has tested his predictions and believes in their accuracy.

But, he warns that they aren’t fixed in the way that we might suspect. Take the example of a young man who came to him to ask when he would get married. The prediction was given but after the young man had married a few years later, he came to Mr. Pareek to tell him that it had been wrong. Mr. Pareek asked him when he had proposed to the girl and to the young man’s surprise – it was the exact date he had been given. In the events of our lives, there is room for interpretation.

“But I’m not superstitious.”

Superstitions are unjustified or illogical beliefs. Numerology, on the other hand, can be tested – all you need to do is look back on your own life and see if certain events align with your prescribed numbers.

By looking at a handful of dates that have been significant in your life, such as the date of your wedding or the date of an accident, you can confirm whether certain numbers seem to appear over and over again.

But only a trained numerologist can tell you what those numbers actually mean and how they can help you in the future.

“What’s the difference between numerology and astrology?”

According to Mr. Pareek, numerology and astrology are two equally-useful branches of the same tree.

However, the astrological significance of any given day gives consideration to a total of 9 Planets, 12 Houses, and 12 Zodiac signs. That means there are 1296 (9 x 12 x 12) possible permutations on any given day of the year.

In contrast, numerology draws on the significance of 9 digits. The digits of numbers greater than nine are added until they reveal a single-digit number, for instance, 23 is interpreted as 2 + 3 = 5 and 44 is interpreted as 4 + 4 = 8. That means that in numerology, there are only 729 (9 x 9 x 9) possible permutations for every date in the calendar year. The simpler method leaves less room for error in predictions.

“Numerology predictions are too general. They could apply to anyone.”

There are always people who will try to prove their authenticity by giving general predictions that can’t be disproved. Indeed, most predictions found in newspapers, magazines, or based on computer-generated reports online are far too generalized to reveal anything unique about you at all.

Moreover, a real prediction by a verified Master Numerologist gives you a comprehensive picture of your life, taking into account not only the specific time, date, month, and year of your birth, but also the numeric vibrations associated with the letters of your first name, the specific shapes you give to certain numbers in your handwriting, and the numbers corresponding to your geographic location.

The report is done in a couple of hours and is done by hand, giving you information far more personal than a generic prediction spit out by a computer.

“I’d rather not know my future.”

There is a certain eeriness to hearing what the future has in store for you – it’s something many people claim they would rather not know for fear that it might change their day-to-day behavior. For instance, a man who is told he will never marry might break up with his current girlfriend and stop dating altogether. Or an employee who finds out that she might experience a workplace accident might quit as a precaution.

But predictions aren’t meant to be taken in such a fatalistic way; they certainly aren’t the be-all and end-all in our lives. In the end, you have incredible power to affect your future, and knowing how your numbers add up is one way to make that happen.

Numerology predictions can guide someone to success and good fortune, but without action, they won’t amount to anything. Indeed, according to B.K. Pareek, the ability to help others see their own potential is…